Grand Dongshan sits next to the 600-acre-Dongshan Lake. The extraordinary natural setting calls back the time of Eastern Jin (317-420 AD) and the impression portrayed in Xie Lingyun's literature: "When I see the charms of landscapes, I come to see the greatness of universe".




What Dongshan refers to is located in Dongshan Lake, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, where Xie An, a famous official of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, lived in seclusion.




Living in the Shanshui guest room, dine in the elegant banquet hall, drink in the Yatang and Li Bai tavern, enjoy the lake-view swimming pool, gym, tea room, book bar, and travel to Yueyao Celadon Museum, Guoqing Temple, Xie An's former residence, The hometown of Yingtai .......




We gathered a group of creators, cultivated and made their own products in the land of rual village. Visiting local cultural scholars and intangible cultural heritage craftsmen to explore the convergence of traditional culture and modern products. Examining every good thing from the perspective of life, and to design them rationally.

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