Where is the hotel located? How do I get there? How is the transportation around?

The main entrance of the hotel is located on the west side of the hotel building, which can be reached by searching "Grand Dongshan" on various map applications.

The nearest high-speed railway station to the hotel.
  - "Shangyu South" High Speed Rail Station (15km)
  - "Shaoxing East" High Speed Rail Station (21km)
The nearest airport to the hotel
  - Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (72km, 1 hour)
  - Ningbo Kunshe International Airport (108km, 1.5 hours)
The nearest highway to the hotel
  - "Artemisia Interchange" (9.8km)
  - Zhangzhen toll station (15km)
The nearest Grade A hospital to the hotel
  - Shangyu Chinese Medicine Hospital Chengnan New Campus (10km, 15 minutes)
The nearest cafe to the hotel
  - Yatang Lobby Bar (0.1km, 1min)

Who are the investor and manager of the hotel?

Zhejiang Chunhui Industry Group

Design Teams

Architectural Design-Hu Xinghua, Tang Qiufang-Zhejiang Huahui Construction Group Co.

Lead Designer-Guo Kewei-UAD Zhejiang University

Interior Design-Ge Huijun-Asia House Design Institute

Landscape Design-Cao Xinyu-Hu Xi Garden Design Studio

Lighting consultant-Kong Lihua-Hangzhou Boen Lighting

Furniture Design - Zhang Xuanrong - Xuanrong Design Studio

Display design-Sheng Chen Xiao-Ningbo Weiyi Aesthetics

Guest product design-Zhu Li-Yi Du JORDEW

Logo guide design team-Bi Zihang-The original logo

Fragrance design team-You Mudan-Legal fragrance

Uniform Design-Tang Chunhui-Shanghai Chunmu Clothing

Weak electrical system design-Gui Feng-Hangbang Intelligence

Floral design-Zhang Lu Yang-Muyi floral art


2023 MUSE Design Gold Award, Architecture - Hotel & Resort

2021 Mendunyi Award "China Hotel Brand New Power", "Most Anticipated New Hotel Opening in China"

2021 Five Continents Diamond Award "Branded Tourist Area Resort Hotel of the Year"

2022 The 13th Beach Design Hotel Awards "Resort Hotel of the Year"

2022 GBE Hotel Design Awards "Best Destination Hotel Award"

2022 Metropolitan Hotel of the Year Award "Best Resort Hotel"

CHA China Hotel Awards "Best Resort Hotel of the Year"

in Travel "Best Resort Hotel of the Year"

Hotel Discovery "Best New Design Hotel"

Comic Travel "Newly Opened Hotel"

Travel & Leisure "Best (China) Lifestyle Aesthetics Resort"

Travel World "Newly Opened Hotel of the Year 2021" and "Resort Hotel of the Year 2022"

What are the interesting places around the hotel?

The hotel is surrounded by many tourist attractions such as Guoqing Zen Temple, Shijing Reservoir, Zhujiazhuang in the hometown of Yingtai, Fenghuang Mountain Yue Kiln Celadon Archaeological Site Park, Meidu Ancient Road, Overgobao Mountain Scenic Area, etc., which can be used for a variety of activities such as climbing and barbecue camping.

What activities can I experience at the hotel?

The hotel offers a wide range of activities for guests to experience, including boat trips on the lake, celadon experience, cocktail specials and other activities.

Does the hotel offer halal or vegetarian food?

The hotel's Chinese a la carte menu is clearly marked for dishes containing pork or vegetarian dishes.

Does the hotel allow pets to stay?

The hotel is a "pet-friendly hotel" that accepts pets and is equipped with a range of pet supplies for pets to play with and use. If you are bringing a pet, please read the "Check-In Guide For Pets" carefully in advance.

- A maximum of one small to medium sized pet dog or cat (<20kg) per room, please provide a certificate of rabies vaccination for more than 2 weeks to one year, and please avoid bringing pregnant or in-utero pets for human stay.
- Please do not use the hotel bathtub to bathe your pet, and avoid running and jumping on the bed and sofa.
- Please use special pet food bowls to feed your pet.
- Please use a leash when leaving the room, otherwise the hotel reserves the right to refuse to allow the guest to leave or even stay with the pet.
- Please do not bring your pet into the public areas of the hotel or public places such as restaurants, gym, swimming pool, etc.
- To avoid disturbing other guests, please do not leave your pet alone in the room.
- Please do not allow your pet to damage any property in the hotel, and any damage or contamination will be compensated for.
- The owner of the pet will be fully responsible for any complaints, personal injury or damage to property caused by the pet during the stay.
- The hotel reserves the right to refuse the stay of pets that do not meet the requirements.
- Pet cleaning fee will be added to the stay with pets: 300 RMB per room single time.