Mindfulness and Happiness



We've meticulously crafted an activity guide for you, ensuring that every visit brings a delightful surprise.


Biking through mountains, lake and valley

10公里山野骑行道,骑行路途中可瞰山谷巍峨,途中果园、良田、远山、碧湖… 从心感受,四季景致。

A 10-kilometer mountain biking trail allows you to ride with a view of the majestic mountains and valleys. Along the way, you'll pass orchards, fertile fields, distant mountains, and clear blue lakes... Experience the beauty of all four seasons from the heart.


时间 Time:8:00-17:00

住客免费 Free for hotel guests


1280 Yue Kiln Celadon Workshop


Experience the process of making celadon pottery through DIY, and feel the conversation between the clay and soul as they merge at your fingertips. Enjoy the wonderful moments spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Immerse yourself in the charm of thousand-year-old Yue kiln celadon.



收费 Fee:128元RMB/人


The "Balance" Gym


With a full range of aerobic and anaerobic exercise equipment. Whether you're here for a leisurely vacation or on a business trip, you can tune your physical functions and tap into the joy and pleasure that exercise brings to the body.


时间 Time:全天

住客免费 Free for hotel guests


"Pu-Tong" Pool


Perfect for a dip in the early morning or evening, offers our guests an ideal retreat. Whether you choose the outdoor lake-view pool or the indoor "Pu-Tong" pool, you can enjoy playful moments while admiring the morning mist over Dongshan Lake or the lingering glow of the sunset behind the mountains. It's an instant gateway to leisure and enjoyment.


户外泳池开放时间 Outdoor:夏季 Summer 10:00-21:00

室内泳池开放时间 Indoor:

        周一到周日 Mon ~ Sun: 10:00-21:00

住客免费 Free for hotel guests


Kids Reading Room


Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with safe and reliable amusement rides and a variety of colorful children's activities. Children can read, play games, and engage in endless fun, creating unforgettable family memories and perhaps making a new discovery at any moment.


时间 Time:24h

住客免费 Free for hotel guests


Performance of Yu Opera


Outside the pavilion, on the water's surface, within the elegant hall, and in the courtyard, the gentle and melodious whispers of the Wu dialect seep into the bones, creating a lingering and soothing ambiance. Every glance and step, every melody and lyric, exudes the poetic charm of the Jiangnan region, with tender emotions and delicate beauty.


时间 Time:暂无演出 Refer to front desk schedules

免费 Free


Live Performance


Music has a way of resonating with our emotions. Sitting in the elegant lounge bar, experiencing a live band performance, one can be completely immersed in the music, enjoying the ultimate experience of being surrounded by music and performance. From the eardrums to the tips of the hair, every inch of the body is thoroughly relaxed.


时间 Time:周二-周日 Tue ~ Sun   19:30-22:30,每场45分钟

免费 Free


Chinese Chess Room


Blending traditional leisure culture with the quintessence of Chinese chess and card games, the refined ambiance of the space creates an extraordinary atmosphere for guests to enjoy their board and card game activities.


时间 Time:8:00-00:30

收费 Fee:根据实际人数定价 Pricing based on actual number of people, 提前一天预订,Book in 1 day advance




Integrated entertainment and social space, infused with an Oriental design aesthetic and equipped with top-of-the-line 3D surround sound systems, offers guests the ultimate attentive service and novel social experiences. It's the perfect venue for business banquets and private parties.


时间 Time:8:00-00:30

收费 Fee:根据实际人数定价 Pricing based on actual number of people, 提前一天预订,Book in 1 day advance


Boating on the lake

 私享600亩東山湖,日升月落,大觀号和东山号泛舟湖上,碧水波澜, 一赏東山湖旖旎风光,偶间还有灰鹭栖息,鸳鸯戏水,有趣至极。身处画舫之中,仿若置身于诗意江南画中。

Enjoy a private 600-acre Dongshan Lake, where you can witness the sunrise and sunset. Drift along the lake on the "Da Guan" and "Dong Shan" boats, and admire the picturesque scenery of the Dongshan Lake as the azure water ripples. Occasionally, you may encounter herons nesting and mandarin ducks playing in the water, adding a delightful touch to the experience. Being on the boat feels like being immersed in a painting of the poetic Jiangnan region.


时间 Time:9:00-17:00

费用 Fee:98元 RMB/人PERSON(大船限20人,小船限10人),提前一天预订,Book in 1 day advance



Experience a specially crafted cocktail made with yellow wine


Shatter the moonlight and blend it into the wine. Enjoy the poetic beauty of nature, regardless of anything else. In Shaoxing, the homeland of yellow wine, experience the unique tipsy feeling. Cocktails paired with yellow wine create a perfect blend of liveliness and richness, accompanied by a gentle breeze. How about a glass of wine?


时间 Time:周五/周六 Fri/Sat  17:00-20:00

费用 Fee:150元RMB/人PEOPLE


Hanfu Experience



Hanfu, a representation of etiquette. The attire is dignified, and the demeanor is poised.

While visiting mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas, and observing the sun, moon, and stars, one feels as if they have stepped into a painting. At the Daguang Pavilion, dressed in Hanfu, adorned in exquisite clothing, one can wander through traditional Chinese buildings and courtyards, as if peering into the everyday life beyond time and within history.


时间 Time:8:30-17:30




Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, slow down, lay on the ground, and grant yourself a leisurely moment. Watch the sunrise dyeing the sky, and the clouds rolling and unfolding. Outdoor movies, afternoon tea under the open sky - it's quite an elegant pleasure to steal a leisurely half-day, being close to nature, and fully enjoying the pure charm of the lakes and mountains.


需提前一天预订 Book in 1 day advance

童趣 儿童乐园

Kids's playground


Ignite children's innocence and satisfy their childhood fantasies with amusement facilities such as ball pits, slides, rocking horses, and princess houses, allowing them to embark on their exclusive childhood adventures.


时间 Time:24h

免费 Free


Countryside experience


The hotel has a 7800-acre cultural and tourism complex with supporting facilities and countryside activities, including yoga on the lake, mountain hiking, seasonal fruit picking, and farm experiences. There are more exciting activities waiting for you to discover.