A Bite of Oriental Gourmet








酒店的 大观雅席 餐饮区域,集合国内外知名设计师与餐饮顾问团队


"Grand Dining", the facility consists of multiple private rooms. A group of pioneering designers and gourmet consultants in and out of the country have worked out together to create the one and only outlet that offers creative cuisine and high standard service.


*私人包厢仅限预定 The private dinning room is only upon reservation

酒店的 善中餐厅 餐饮区域,以中式零点菜单为主



Chinese Restaurant Shan - the name "shan" has homonymous significances of "goodwill" or "good meal". Shan offers an authentic yet innovative a la carte menu of East Chinese dining with most fresh ingredients and poultry from Dongshan Farm.


午餐 Lunch

营业时间:周一至周日 上午11点至下午1点30分

Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 11:00am-1:30pm


晚餐 Dinner

营业时间:周一至周日 下午5点至夜晚8点

Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 5:00pm-8:00pm

酒店的 匯西餐厅 餐饮区域, 以合理的空间布局结合灯光设计,让宾客感到松弛自在



Metropolis, offers a comfortable dining setting with its spacious layout and relaxing lighting. The outlet offers not only daily breakfast and a la carte western menu but also buffets for special occasions or group functions.


早餐 Breakfast

营业时间:周一至周日 上午7点至上午10点30分 
Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 7:00am-10:30am 

零点 A La Carte 
营业时间:周一至周日 上午11点至夜晚9点30分
Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 11:00am-9:30pm 

午餐 Lunch

营业时间:周一至周日 上午11点至下午1点30分 
Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 11:00am-1:30pm 

晚餐 Dinner 
营业时间:周一至周日 下午5点至夜晚8点
Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 5:00pm-8:00pm 




The Atelier Lobby Bar has  a 180-degree unobstructed view of the lake. The space can be used for afternoon tea, meetings, and ceremonies, offering modern-style drinks and concoctions.


营业时间:周一至周日 上午11点至夜晚11点30分

Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 11:00am-11:30pm



Fu-ro offers a traditional Japanese "omakase" style menu. The chef creates a new menu for every meal by selecting the day's freshest ingredients from the market. Each dish is presented as a piece of art, meticulously designed, yet leaving space for imagination.


*仅限预定 Only upon reservation

夜晚让相逢更有温度,暮⾊降临后的 李⽩酒馆 ,把酒当歌中,⾔欢正当时

"Bai's Bar" caters to those who appreciate oriental wines and liquors and a slow speed lifestyle, awakening inspirations and soothing emotions. While the setting brings out the images of the universe and nature, the bartender entertains with relaxing conversations like a long-lost friend.


营业时间:周一至周日 下午7点至夜晚11点30分

Operation Hours: Mon to Sun 7:00pm-11:30pm